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Laughter Exercise
Photo Flash Cards/Playing Cards

The cards depict favorite Laughter Exercises as practiced at
Laughter Clubs and Classes all over the world.
Just looking at these images can make you laugh!

52 Jumbo Sized playing cards plus 8 bonus cards 60 cards in all!

• Instant Visual Reminder of the foundation laughter exercises

• Breathing Exercises, Relaxation and Meditation Cards

• Includes instruction book with thorough exercise descriptions,
   history of laughter clubs and the worldwide laughter movement

• Discover unique games to play with the cards

• Can be used for any standard card game

• Dozens of laughter-related quotes from notables such as:    Charlie Chaplin, Kahlil Gibran, Patch Adams and Dr. Kataria

Another Quality Product from The Laughter Yoga Institute

Only 14.95 per deck

Available as .pdf files for a complete deck of 60 card,
Instruction Booklet and Translations in five languages

Bonus Option: files to print the cards PLUS two videos
(with additional footage you won't see online) 18.95

See Sample Cards

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Leading Laughter Exercise Sessions
Fun-Filled Games and Activities

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